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  • Experience navigation that mirrors your workflow with critically tested and acclaimed cloud and server-based dental software. With sophisticated tools and advanced features, discover how to make your practice a digitally managed masterpiece.

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  • Designed for the patient and the practicioner - award-winning dental sensors produce exceptional x-rays while maintaining patient comfort. Discover how seamlessly DentiMax cloud and server-based dental software for imaging integrates into the rest of your practice.

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When looking to upgrade your sensors, wouldn’t it be great if you could try one out first in your own practice, with your existing systems, on actual patients, before buying?

With DentiMax’s try-before-you-buy offer, you can now test-drive the award-winning Dream Sensor in your office without any upfront financial commitment.

Try Before You Buy the DentiMax Dream Sensor!

Trying Dental XRay ...

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After DentiMax Imaging Director Jim Ramey presented his digital x-ray sensors to a room full of skeptical dentists and scientists back in 2011, he knew he had created something special.

Ramey and DentiMax’s co-founder, David Arnett, didn’t know what to expect when they took the DentiMax Dream Sensors to a product review event ...

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You finally have your Dream Sensor and you are ready to start taking beautiful digital x-rays. But are you sure you have everything you need? These are the “must-have” accessories you’ll need to get that perfect x-ray you’ve always dreamed of.

“Sensor Accessories” refers to everything except the x-ray unit and the software ...

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Let’s face it, dental instruments, chairs, sensors, equipment and software can be a huge expense. Especially if you are starting out as a new dentist building your practice from scratch!

If you are just starting out, you will most likely experience limited incoming cash flow for a few months. Between building up a patient ...