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It wasn’t any one specific problem that led Nrupur Patel, DDS, to seek out Dream Sensors by DentiMax. You might say that Dream Sensors—and the opportunity to practice better dentistry—found her.

In the early years of her practice, Dr. Patel had used phosphorous plate technology for cost efficiency. As her practice grew, she found she was ready to make the transition to digital sensors, an emerging technology at the time. She has been using Dream Sensors for the past five to six years, and currently has four in her practice.

“One can’t compromise image quality when delivering dental services to a patient,” said Dr. Patel. “Dream Sensors greatly improve the diagnostic process... That pays dividends on a daily basis throughout my patient base.”

Dream Sensors use the latest CMOS active pixel chip, including a highly sensitive scintillator with a fiber-optic plate that includes a built-in circuit board. This state-of-the-art technology is encased in a watertight housing that connects directly to a Kevlar-reinforced cable.

Dream Sensors have a direct USB port connection, allowing the user to process the image on any capture machine. “The image instantly appears to easily show the patient and better explain, from a clinical standpoint, what treatment the patient needs,” said Dr. Patel.

Aside from the crystal-clear images, Dr. Patel was also drawn to the Dream Sensor’s compact size. With a width of just 5.41mm and rounded corners with beveled edges, Dream Sensors greatly increase patient comfort.

They come in size 2, for adults mouths, and size 1, for children and adults with small mouths.

DentiMax also offers a 5-year sensor protection plan that acts as an insurance policy with a deductible to cover accidental damage. Whereas other manufacturers may replace a broken sensor with a refurbished one, DentiMax provides a brand-new sensor with the opportunity to enroll in a new 5-year plan.


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