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Phong Nguyen of Ultrabrite Dental Solutions in San Francisco, Calif., serves as Dr. Tiffany Nguyen’s IT consultant and helped select the DentiMax software. Phong and Financial Coordinator Mazie Huang share their stories about how the software helps the practice.

"DentiMax software mirrors our practice’s work flow and integrates seamlessly between the practice management, imaging software, and other clearing house applications. "

"The seamless integration gives us the ability to plug and play, depending on our business needs. This helps reduce our IT support overhead and allows our staff to make the most out of their time, ultimately helping us focus on providing excellent care to our patients."

"DentiMax software is user-friendly and self-explanatory; therefore, it’s very straight forward to train new staff. The software is full of easy-to-use clinical features like electronic prescription writing, tight X-ray/charting integration and “live” patient insurance status updates.

"In a nutshell, DentiMax is a crucial component that manages productivity and drives the growth of our dental practice."


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