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Deny it all you want, but I know that there are still a lot of offices that are clinging to their paper charts! Paper charts are, in a sense, a security blanket and it’s hard to let go of the “tried and true” in order to embrace the future.

The fact is, digital IS the future and it is here to stay. So, put down your paper chart and slowly back away for just a few minutes while we detail three good reasons why you should archive your paper in favor of the DentiMax Clinical Notes Templates.

Reason 1: It saves you time!

We all know that our days revolve around staying on schedule. Time is money and staying on time means a successful schedule and happy patients. Most clinicians and staff follow an unspoken format that they include in the clinical note, e.g.: medical history review, topical, anesthesia dosage and number of carpules, etc. When this format is recreated in a clinical note template, the note will open and only the information that is unique can be selected and added to the template.

In the sample screen shown right above, the template automatically sorts through the unique variables and allows you to point and click your responses to add to the note. Recording clinical notes is reduced from minutes to seconds! Once the note is saved, it can be reviewed later by the doctor where additional notes can be added and then the note can be locked so that no further changes can be made.

Clinical Note Templates improve accuracy by ensuring all your necessary data is recorded and saved. Each field must be answered before moving to the next and cannot be skipped. Also, there is no more interpretation of difficult handwriting (you know who you are!) or training new staff how you would like your notes to read.

It’s all there in a set format and you can click through and complete the note knowing that it will be accurate and uniform every time.

Reason 2: Most importantly, clinical note templates increase your security.

No more losing a page out of the chart, figuring out who made the note because it was not initialed or signed, white out (it happens), scribbled out, or found paper notes with no patient name recorded on it.

Clinical notes are locked immediately or after the provider completes the note, if you prefer. If the note is not locked within 10 days, the software will do it for you so that you are protected. The user who created the note is automatically logged when the note is saved/locked and the software has built in security to limit who has access to edit notes. Once a note is locked, it cannot be deleted. Your clinical notes are safe and secure!

Reason 3: Clinical Notes Templates make documentation quick and easy without sacrificing important information to save time.

Accuracy is ensured with formatted templates that walk providers and staff through the note to make sure nothing is missed and your notes are securely stored, reducing the risk of lost, changed, or illegible entries. Rest assured that you can still print off your clinical notes if necessary and search features are available to sort through your notes in a hurry to find specific entries. DentiMax will even help you create your templates and show you how to implement them! Don’t be afraid to retire your paper charts (trust me- your staff is looking forward to it!) and switch to clinical note templates. I know you won’t regret it!


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