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Held across the street from Disneyland at the Anaheim Convention Center, this year’s CDA show was an amazingly huge success!

It’s always a lot of fun to meet with our current customers away from the office, listen to their real world experiences and give them advice and suggestions on how to better use their software and sensors.

Often times it is the little suggestions that really makes a huge difference in making the software work that much better in a practice. Show attendees were able to meet and receive tips from key DentiMax employees, including Jim Ramey (Imaging Director), Alicia McKinney (Lead Trainer), Ian Smith (U.S. Account Manager) and David Arnett (Company Co-founder).

In addition to meeting so many customers and prospective customers, we were able to share key new features from our latest software releases.

Jim Ramey demonstrated many of the enhancements in the new release of Advanced Imaging, including:

  1. taking multiple “on the fly” x-rays on the same tooth which is useful feature for endo and implant procedures
  2. new macros which allows you to run several image macros at the same time
  3. the new multiple periapical layout

At the same time, Alicia McKinney demonstrated key new practice management software features, including the all new DentiMax Kiosk which allows new and existing patients to complete all of their paperwork on a tablet PC which is a tremendous time saver!

Anaheim is always such a wonderful place to visit and the CDA is always an amazing show. We made sales/new customers every day, renewed many friendships, received new ideas for future software releases and were able to share many time savings tips with our friends.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s Anaheim CDA such a wonderful show!


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