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Photo Courtesy of Midwestern University Dental School




These three words embody the spirit of Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine’s (MWU-AZ) annual medical trip.

The dental school’s Dean, Brad Smith, DDS, FACD, FICD, supported a team that included Assistant Professor Robert Kramer, DMD, FCID, FACD, dental students, five faculty members, and three volunteers related to faculty who joined in a service trip to Guatemala City.

According to Dr. Smith and Dr. Kramer, the children encounter a very high sugar and soda diet since soft drinks are cheaper than water in their country.

“We extracted a lot of teeth, restored teeth when and where we could and generally left our patients with improved oral health.” Dr. Kramer said in the report Dr. Smith shared with us. “It was a very busy week as we provided care to nearly everyone that showed up.”

“The people of Guatemala are resilient, happy and thankful. We received lots of hugs and handshakes, which makes all of the planning, travel and work worth it!”

DentiMax got involved this year through sensor and laptop donations.  We’re grateful for the report and pictures Dr. Smith and his team have shared with us.

Photo Courtesy of Midwestern University Dental School

“Special thanks have to be given to Midwestern University for allowing us to go and to DentiMax for loaning us the sensors and laptops.”

While other medical departments at MWU-AZ have partnered with DOCARE International’s Global Health Outreach program for over 15 years, Dr. Smith and his team took the dental department’s first trek just the year prior.

The dental team split across three separate sites every day to dental clinics in a remote village and a small town.

They provided not only their services, but also very much needed equipment like sensors for these Guatemalan practices.

One of the primary clinics fashioned by MWU included the Assade Medical Clinic in San Andreas, about an eight hour drive from Guatemala City.

“MWU has outfitted the Assade clinic with donated dental supplies to compliment the seed-funded dental chairs and compressor.” Dr. Kramer said.

Thank you Dr. Smith and Dr. Kramer for sharing your outreach experience with DentiMax.

We look forward to next year’s trip and what we can accomplish together.


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