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Every day I take phone calls and most of them are folks asking how they can get more out of their software. I LOVE this question.

One of my favorite things to do is blow people out of the water with all the stuff they never knew DentiMax could do... If they would upgrade their system.

Something I truly appreciate about DentiMax as a company is that we never force anyone into an annual support or maintenance contract, but allow our customer to choose when the time is right for them to update or upgrade their software, or seek out technical support assistance.

However, for all of the office managers and Dentists out there who are satisfied with the status quo, a good question to ask yourself is this: what would make your work life easier? Better yet, what would make your staff more efficient day to day?

How much time do you think it would save your front office staff to hand the patient a tablet, or have them go online and fill out their patient registration and consent forms for importing, instead of waiting for the patient to fill out that paperwork in office, then have someone manually type it into the computer from start to finish (all the while attempting to translate each person’s handwriting)? Or how much time-saving would there be, by just electronically writing prescriptions?

Upgrading doesn’t have to be a scary thing, and you may think you have what you need, but there is so much more available that will give you the kind of practice you want.

Just start with the simplest question:

Am I on the most current version the software has to offer?

Staying current is important for general functionality of the software.

For example, in days past you couldn’t send secondary insurance claims electronically, but with the current version you can. Not only does that save you time, and a stamp, but you get paid much faster, and it’s easier to resubmit if there was an error somewhere on the claim. Not only that, but many insurances are not allowing you to submit the old standby paper claim form any longer.

Next ask yourself: Am I managing my billing efficiently?

Have you signed up to submit e-claims and e-attachments if you are an insurance heavy office? For those of you who take every insurance under the sun, please don’t make your staff log into each insurance website individually so that they can submit claims “for free” electronically... Just remembering the log-in’s and passwords alone will cost at least 20 minutes of staff production time. Having the option to click “send e-claims” right from DentiMax is an amazing time saver!

Not only that, but with multiple options for integrated electronic attachments, there is practically no reason not to send claims, attachments, and even real-time insurance eligibility through DentiMax.

And how about e-payments and patient e-statements?

The next question on the hierarchy of dental software needs if your office schedules recall or makes appointments (yes you); is your recall/confirmation system working for you, or are you working for it?

Setting a system of tools and protocols in place for recall and appointment confirmations is super important because, well, you want people to come back, right? It costs more money for an office to acquire a new patient, than it does to keep your existing patients coming back. Make sure you are taking advantage of emailing and texting reminders, postcards if you like paper reminders, or even just a good report your staff can use to call people to get them back for another appointment! DentiMax offers all of the above.

There is so much more to consider when deciding to upgrade your software. Just remember, our DentiMax service pack updates are always free, and if you are ready to upgrade to a new version, it’s OK to take it a step at a time. Let’s make sure you are on the most current service pack, and go from there.

We have the tools you need to be streamlined, paperless, automated appointment texting confirmations, electronic signing fools (or, we can even help you just use the scheduler if you currently are not).

The sky is the limit, and we are here to help you make the most out of your software! Just give the sales team a call for a free consultation on what you can add to your practice and let’s make your software work for you.

Contact our practice management sales team at (844) 889-4582 to discuss upgrading your Practice Management Software.


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