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Image Quality:

With most digital sensors, you plug in the sensor, take x-rays, and however the resulting image looks is how it looks. You could adjust exposure time to change the contrast, but wouldn’t it be better to have more control over its end result?

Dialing in Images:

DentiMax “dials in” your images so that you receive the best possible image from your imaging system. No two x-ray heads are alike. We know this at DentiMax, so our imaging specialists schedule remote sessions with you and your staff to customize and optimize your imaging. We take a couple of x-rays and dial in the image so it returns the way that you want it to look. We see exactly what you see on our screens, so we can help you get the best possible image from the sensor. DentiMax invented and specializes in this approach. Others tried to copy this, but no one can perfect the process like DentiMax.

Want the image a little sharper? Want the image a little darker? No problem! The DentiMax Imaging Technical Support team knows and understands technique.

We will help you find the optimal exposure setting on your x-ray head. No matter if it is an older A/C Pulse unit or a brand new D/C millisecond unit, we will help you find the optimal settings on each of your x-ray heads (as most practices have different units in different Ops), then additionally make adjustments to the sensor settings in the software. That way the images return consistently looking as great as possible, diagnostic, and just how you want to see them.

See the Sensor in Your Office:

With the majority of the sensor companies out there on the market, if you have interest in the sensor, then you will need to schedule an “in office demo.”  You’re probably familiar with the drill already where the slick sales people come out, go over the sales pitch, take a couple of x-rays, and leave you a contract to sign. You have to make your decision based on a couple of images which were taken on the sales rep’s laptop and not even on your own equipment.

Try Before You Buy:

DentiMax offers something different, an industry-changing program that some companies have even copied from us: The Try Before You Buy Program.

Instead of worrying about return policies or a “30 Day Guarantee,” DentiMax will send you a sensor to try in your office for FREE. You simply fill out a form, send it back with a signature, and we will send you a sensor to try in your office for two full weeks.

We take the time to install our world-class imaging software, or set-up the sensor in your existing digital imaging software application, then demonstrate and train you and your staff on how to use it.

We take the time to dial in the images with you so that the images return looking as great as possible AND the contrast and sharpness that you want to see.

From there, you are free to use the sensor every day in your practice. Get feedback from your staff on the ease of use, from your patients on the comfort of the sensor. By testing it out, you will see for yourself the Dream Sensor’s quality.

After the trial is up, you can decide if you want to keep the sensor and buy it, or if it’s not the right time, just send it back, no obligations. Most doctors don’t want to give-up the sensor and decide to buy it. However, if it’s not the right time or not the right fit for your practice, not a problem either. You will have seen for yourself and will keep us in mind for when the time is right. We always look forward and enjoy the time we get to spend with doctors and their staff.

See for Yourself:

Schedule a “Try Before You Buy” in your office at your convenience. Our team will work with you to schedule a time to dial in the images with you and your staff at your convenience. We will install everything for you. You just need to simply connect our team to your computer through the internet and we will take care of everything for you. You don’t need an IT person to come into your office.

Once the sensors and software are installed onto your operatory computer, then we can schedule the time that works for you (often at the same time, sometimes it works better for the doctor and the practice to do them separately) we will take a few x-rays of a person together and get the images to return exactly as you want to see them. Dialing in the image is something we take the time to do for every one of our customers and try before you buy friends.

Once you have the images dialed in (this usually takes no more than 30 minutes), then feel free to use the sensor day to day for your patients’ x-ray needs and see the DentiMax difference for yourself. You will be very happy that you did.


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