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Nancy Johnston, a former dental office manager, shares with us what makes DentiMax software stand out from all other dental programs she has used in the past few decades.

With over thirty years’ experience in the dental field, my dentist husband and I have witnessed a myriad of changes in practice management software – from the depths of DOS to the heights of the “Cloud."

With so many new programs to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make a decision about a new program, but DentiMax Practice Management software offers the features, “friendliness” of use, and affordability that simply place it at the top of the list.

This is why, for the second half of my career, I chose to represent this exceptional company and software.

Since I am intimately familiar with the goals, struggles, frustrations, and inner-workings of a dental office, I can relate to those seeking a new practice management program.  No software program is perfect, but DentiMax comes close!

Here’s what my dental family and I love most about it:

The features are fabulous! As we all know, “The Schedule” in a dental office is like a kitchen– it is the heartbeat of a home. So, with that focus on the pulse of the practice, DentiMax has arranged it so that everything you need on a day-to-day basis is accessible from there: Patient information, medical and other alerts, ledgers, insurance, clinical and perio charts, treatment plans, and more! No more multiple clicks or jumping through electronic hoops to get to a particular place just to do your job!

Designed to resemble a Microsoft Windows program, its functionality and ease of use is friendly and intuitive. And for Mac users, the Cloud-based version works with just a simple download of the Microsoft Remote Desktop App, making it a clear choice for all users.

DentiMax has a natural “flow” that resembles how a patient moves through your office:  From the administration to the clinical areas, then back, for payment, billing, and rescheduling. It’s simple, quick, and efficient.  Doctors, assistants, and hygienists will love the clinical and periodontal charting capabilities and user-friendliness.

My dentist husband particularly loves the fact he can view current x-rays simultaneously in the patient’s chart, while able to view, plan, or post selected treatment; and of course, the DentiMax Dream Sensors for imaging are extraordinarily comfortable for patients and create superb images!  He also loves that he can customize forms and track daily, weekly, and monthly goals, production, and collections with ease.

My hygienist sister-in-law loves the perio chart, which allows her to map pocket depth, suppuration, bleeding, bone loss, and more in a straightforward, simple, and swift way.  She can even choose from multiple directions of movement throughout the mouth – even by tooth!  For the administrator, entering and managing billing and insurance no longer requires a degree in Rocket Science.  A “copy plan” mode streamlines the creation of new plans; the line-by-line accounting feature mirrors an EOB, and various filter options allow viewing of parts of the ledger with just one click.

Also, the separate billing options allow new insurance information and billings to be created while still retaining previous data and payments. Goodbye to the headache of trying to figure out which insurance paid what when, or frustrating phone calls from patients wanting to know why they have a balance!

Of course, the icing on the cake is DentiMax’s affordability with monthly packages starting at just $49 a month, so even young dentists like my daughter can acquire a great program without forking out a ton of money.

DentiMax is a different company that offers a different option for dental providers, which offers a winning difference for everyone. I’m really excited to be a part of this extraordinary team!


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