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Hi, I'm Derek, DentiMax Imaging Support Tech.

I have been with DentiMax for a year now and I have lived in Arizona most of my life. I spent a few years in Missouri but I am a native Arizonan.

Before working at DentiMax, I worked in the PPO insurance market helping dentists to increase their fee schedules to allow for higher reimbursements. I have taken the knowledge that I gained of how a dental office functions and applied it to how I provide support today here at DentiMax.

What I love most about working here at DentiMax is interacting with our customers. I enjoy speaking with and getting to know our customers and working together to make their lives easier by using our sensors and imaging software.

I love when we are able to solve an issue they had been having and then hearing the happiness in their voice once we find the solution to their problem together. I have always enjoyed problem solving and the ability to do this at the same time that I am making people’s lives easier and happier by resolving a perceived crisis is truly satisfying work.

I enjoy spending time with my wife, we enjoy watching TV shows and movies together. One of our favorite shows to watch is That '70s Show.

In my spare time, I will pull out my guitar and practice. I enjoy learning new songs that I have heard and figuring them out is half the fun! A fun little fact about myself is that I was born into a family that toured around the Country in a country music band. To this day I can't stand listening to country music.



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