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Support is a team effort! Our goal is to ensure you are having a perfect experience with our software, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Tech Support is here to help solve any and all questions or concerns you may have with our software.

In order to do that most efficiently and get the most out of Support, you can help by doing a few simple things:

1. Be prepared! When calling Tech Support, it helps to understand the situation so you can communicate it clearly to the support technician. The key to finding the cause, and in turn the solution, is reproducing the issue. Write down, or screenshot, as much information as possible about the situation, what may have caused it, and what came up that made you realize there was an issue. Copy down the entire text of any error messages that come up. Error messages sometimes contain exactly the piece of information we need to correct the situation then and there. Having this information prepared ahead of time will significantly expedite the time it takes support to troubleshoot.

2. Create a plan. While gathering information for your call to Tech Support, make a list of points you want to discuss. Remember to write down any other questions you’d like addressed in the call. Having a plan like this will allow you to get the most out of your call, and make sure your important points are addressed. Please understand however, on high call volume days we may not be able to address all of your questions or concerns in one session, but we will schedule an appointment to continue working with you at another time.

3. Know what’s changed. When did the issue occur? Did it just start happening today or has it been happening for a week? Did anything else happen around the same time the issue started? It is important to report any changes made recently, either to the underlying infrastructure (server, network, desktop operating system) or any new software (such as antivirus) that have been installed. If at all possible, don’t correct undesirable results until we’ve had a chance to look at it. If you must make changes, please take screenshots first. Note any odd behavior you’ve noticed recently with your computer. These little pieces of information can help ensure the entire issue is resolved, and not just one small portion.

4. Tell us what you’ve done so far (and be honest!). In addition to explaining your concern to the support technician, also tell them what troubleshooting you’ve already done. This will save you time by not having to repeat steps you’ve already taken to resolve it, and can also help the support technician further understand what is happening. If you clicked on something or tried to resolve something yourself, and only made it worse, tell the support technician exactly what you did. Providing incomplete information can make the resolution process take longer and will, in some instances, lead to the wrong conclusion.

5. Know your computer! One of the biggest contributors of long support calls is accessing your computer remotely. Often times, security settings or uncommon configurations can prevent support from establishing a connection. It's important to understand the knowledge and skill required to run a dental practice is exceptional and there's absolutely no shame in not knowing your way around a PC. However, having a staff member with an understanding of computers work with support may shorten the resolution time and provide a better experience for your office. A professional IT person can be helpful, but is not always necessary. When calling support, it’s best if you have our remote access tool open and ready for connection in the event support needs to access your computer remotely. The support technician will need the 9 digit code to connect. For easy access to the tool, bookmark this site in your favorite web browser:

6. Be patient. We have dedicated, hard-working support technicians doing their very best to resolve customer concerns quickly. They are here to help you. Sometimes, a support technician will have to ask you a question that may seem incorrect to determine the source of the issue. They are simply making sure all the basics are checked. Other times, determining the cause and solution to an issue can take time to resolve and the support technician may need to gather more information or escalate the call.

7. Utilize our resources! In order to assist you best, we have several resources, which are often overlooked, at your disposal. We realize many customers believe if they leave a voicemail, it goes into ‘no man’s land’, but we’d like you to rest assured, we check voicemail often and all messages are returned within 24 business hours.

If you are calling outside of business hours, calling our New Customer Hotline, or calling a technician directly, the only way we know you called is if you leave a detailed message. Another resource is In an email, you can explain your issue in detail and include attachments and screenshots. Often we can provide you a solution directly over email, and if not we can schedule a call at your convenience.

Our most important resource, however, is our Customer Care Plan. Through an Hourly, Monthly, or Annual agreement, Technical Support can provide you with: remote support directly on your computer, scheduled support with Tier 2 (if needed), installation assistance, and other assistance beyond what we can offer without a support contract.


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