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When looking to upgrade your sensors, wouldn’t it be great if you could try one out first in your own practice, with your existing systems, on actual patients, before buying?

With DentiMax’s try-before-you-buy offer, you can now test-drive the award-winning Dream Sensor in your office without any upfront financial commitment.

Try Before You Buy the DentiMax Dream Sensor!

Trying Dental XRay ...

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Image about digital dental x-rays

After DentiMax Imaging Director Jim Ramey presented his digital x-ray sensors to a room full of skeptical dentists and scientists back in 2011, he knew he had created something special.

Ramey and DentiMax’s co-founder, David Arnett, didn’t know what to expect when they took the DentiMax Dream Sensors to a product review event ...

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Image about dental sensor

You finally have your Dream Sensor and you are ready to start taking beautiful digital x-rays. But are you sure you have everything you need? These are the “must-have” accessories you’ll need to get that perfect x-ray you’ve always dreamed of.

“Sensor Accessories” refers to everything except the x-ray unit and the software ...

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Image about dental software

Let’s face it, dental instruments, chairs, sensors, equipment and software can be a huge expense. Especially if you are starting out as a new dentist building your practice from scratch!

If you are just starting out, you will most likely experience limited incoming cash flow for a few months. Between building up a patient ...

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Image about cloud based dental software

We use all sorts of crazy acronyms, phrases and buzzwords. But my favorite all-time buzzword is “the cloud” as in “my software works on the cloud.”

When I first heard this, I wanted to ask if we were talking about cumulus or stratus clouds. But the more I learned about this technology, the more impressed ...

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Image about Data Protection

Keeping your practice secure helps minimize the chance of a digital breakdown in your office, which can often result in data loss. Below are some “best practice” tips to help you keep your practice protected.

1. Make sure you’re using a HIPAA compliant version of Windows

DentiMax currently supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1 ...

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Image about Support Representative

Hi! My name is Tyler Loomis, and I'm a Tier 1 Technical Support Representative.

How long I’ve been with DentiMax: 12 Months.

Past Lives/Jobs: My longest job before this one was as a reporting analyst for an online university call center. Before that, I served two years on a mission for my ...

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Image about Dental Software and Dental Sensor Cloud System

Complete Cloud Dental Software and Dental Sensors

Dentists like you expressed interest in a cloud, Internet-based dental software system that includes everything needed to manage the clinical, financial and imaging areas of their practices.

After working closely with dental practices for many years, DentiMax is pleased to bring to you this integrated cloud solution! Now ...

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Image about Dental Sensor TWAIN Drivers

Commonly referred to as "technology without an interesting name," TWAINs are a very important, yet unknown technology in the imaging industry. DentiMax Imaging Director Jim Ramey explains what a TWAIN driver is.

TWAIN, to put it simply, is a protocol that allows an imaging device to acquire an image (initially flat-bed scanners) and save that ...

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Image of abstract dental software

With Umbie® closing its doors, many of you may be wondering, what happens next?

We think it’s important that people understand the process of switching dental software companies and what steps they can take.

Here is a guide to walk you through the steps of switching your practice management software.

First off, if you ...

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