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With Umbie® closing its doors, many of you may be wondering, what happens next?

We think it’s important that people understand the process of switching dental software companies and what steps they can take.

Here is a guide to walk you through the steps of switching your practice management software.

First off, if you are one of the companies affected by Umbie, don’t panic, you have time (not a lot, but some).

    1. Initially, you will want to decide if you would like to continue using a cloud software, or switch to a server-based program. This will help narrow the playing field for you in your software search. Most people who have been using cloud successfully will want to stay on the cloud, but if you have had issues with your internet, it may be a good opportunity to consider the server alternative. Some software companies, such as DentiMax, do offer both options for those of you who are not sure which route to go.

    2. Next, do a search for the different software options that suit your needs. There are a few companies out there that do software comparisons for you, to pool the data in one place instead of you having to “Google it” and try to look at each company’s website to build your own comparison. Consider looking up Software Advice, Capterra, or other websites similar to those ones. Most software comparison sites will categorize programs for you to identify cloud or server software, price comparisons, and features. You can also see some screen shots of the program as well on their sites.

    3. Once you have looked at a few options, pick your top three companies, and then check out their websites for a strategic approach. Most companies have a page on their website dedicated to packages and pricing. This helpful to see what packages are offered so you have an idea as to which one to inquire about, and in most cases, the cost. Keep in mind, not all companies publish their fees on their website, so you may have to call the ones that do not or submit a webform for more info. Check out our pricing page to get a sense of what may work for you here.

    4. If you like what you are seeing on the website, request a demo of the software. A demo could be a live demonstration who can show you the software features, or it could be a video link that you watch on your own (just keep in mind you may have questions about what was or was not shown in the video, so you may have to call anyhow). Getting at least two, if not three different companies to give you a demo is always best. Each demo/conversation may bring up different points of concern for your office, or topics that you want to ask specifically how the software handles that item. Before you have a demo, I’d suggest writing down a few key “must have” features, and maybe even writing down a few things you did not like about your old software to see how the prospective software handles those items.

    5. After having a couple of demos that look promising, request a quote for exact pricing, including any start up costs. Some companies may be charging a data conversion fee to move your data. Most data conversions can range in price from $500-$2500.

      **DentiMax is currently offering Umbie customers a data conversion FREE of charge!

    6. Need more time to decide, ask for a Free trial! DentiMax offers a FREE cloud trial for 30 days of any of the packages you would be interested in, as do some other companies. This is a great way to experience the software for your self before you make a switch.

    7. Once you have seen and considered your options, you should get a copy of your data from Umbie, or the company you are switching from. This will help the new software company set expectations for you in what will and won’t convert, and also give time to decrypt your data in some cases (decryption not required with Umbie). Most data conversions take about one to two weeks.

    8. Finally, make an informed decision and make the switch! When you sign up for your new account, keep in mind it may take a week or two to convert your data and get you set up/trained to start using your new program. I suggest having a few training sessions, or even playing with a “dummy” account while your data conversion is underway, so you and your staff get familiar with your new program. Most software companies include some training in the package you have purchased or have free online tutorials. DentiMax does offer both remote live training included with any package you purchase, or a two day, in-person training for an additional fee, as well as free online webinars and videos (Available on our YouTube channel).

    9. GOING LIVE: You may be required to do a final data conversion before you go live so that you have the most current copy of your data to start with in the new software you have chosen. Some companies convert the data once only, in which case you will have to go live asap once your data is converted. Other companies, such as DentiMax, does a test conversion so you have a chance to look over the data in a test environment first, make any requests for change, approve it, and do Final data conversion with the approved changes. You will continue using your old system while the conversion process is underway, until the final data is collected. When the final data is ready, you are ready to GO LIVE with your new software!

If you have any questions about switching companies, or want to explore your options, give our practice management team a call at (844) 889-4582 or complete your information in the form below.


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