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You finally have your Dream Sensor and you are ready to start taking beautiful digital x-rays. But are you sure you have everything you need? These are the “must-have” accessories you’ll need to get that perfect x-ray you’ve always dreamed of.

“Sensor Accessories” refers to everything except the x-ray unit and the software on your computer. This includes:

1. Sensor positioners/sensor holders.

2. Disposable sensor sleeves/sheathes.

3. Bite block “refills” (kits of the red, yellow and blue bite blocks) without the ring and arm.

4. Wall mounts to safely store the sensors.

5. USB extension cables.

6. Powered USB hubs.

Let’s talk about sensor positioners first.

Sensor Positioners

After using different positioning systems through the years, we learned a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.

RINN DS-FIT kits, for example, had good bite blocks because they worked with both the size #1 and size #2 sensors. However, we found the following issues:

1. The bite blocks are much thicker than the sensors! This was not allowing our practitioners to take advantage of the thinness of our sensor. It was also making the sensor uncomfortable for patients.

2. The “rubber bands” on the bite blocks, which allows them to “stretch” and be used with both sizes of the sensor, break very easily. Also, they are radio-opaque, not radio-translucent –meaning they do get picked up by the radiation when taking an x-ray. Especially with upper anterior PAs, the bands would interfere in the resulting x-rays.

3. The green, endo bite blocks are ineffective and far too thick to be used for endodontics.

So instead, we found a new, better solution: The ClikTech positioners!

These new positioners are so much better in several ways –not to mention they are half the cost of the RINN kits.

The kits come with two different positioner systems in one kit

The ComfyRay is a “stick” style positioner with a vertical and a horizontal side. The “shark fin” bite area is perfect for endo!

You just have the patient hold the opposite end, and the “shark fin” allows you to place the sensor so the files will not get in the way of the positioner. This is very similar to the curved hemostat technique used with traditional film.

The ClikRay positioner comes with traditional colored bite blocks

It includes the traditional red (both horizontal and vertical bitewings), blue for anterior and yellow for posterior.

The sensor can be positioned perfectly

For those of you who use a handheld x-ray unit, these are the only bite block positioners which can handle the scatter guard of the NOMAD when it is set –in the factory default location– at the very end of the tube

With the ClikRay positioner system, the metal bar moves freely through the bite block and the ring, so the sensor can be positioned perfectly. The ring can be against the patient’s cheek and you can get the cone directly against the ring without the clear scatter guard getting in the way. These are a “must have” for anyone using a handheld x-ray unit.

They ensure patient comfort

Patient comfort is a key feature of both the DentiMax Dream Sensor and our new ClikRay positioners. The thinness of the positioners is designed to fit the sensor perfectly!

The other items and accessories that you will need to “refill” from time to time, you can get them right here from DentiMax!

• Additional bite blocks.

• Additional ComfyRay –the shark fin stick holders that work great for endo.

• Additional kits with rings and bite blocks.

• Sensor sleeves.

• Even the USB extension cables, powered USB hubs and the “blue lounge cable drops” –these are what I recommend to everyone for the wall holders to store your sensors on the wall with.

These last items can be purchased online or at any store, even Target or Walmart, let alone stores like Best Buy. If you want the convenience, we have them as well.

All accessories needed for using your DentiMax Dream Sensors are available at better prices directly through DentiMax!

Be sure to check out our website or call your DentiMax Imaging sales executive at (844) 889-6569 to inquire about any of these items. You will get better accessories for the sensor and better prices as well. You will be glad that you did!


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