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Let’s face it, dental instruments, chairs, sensors, equipment and software can be a huge expense. Especially if you are starting out as a new dentist building your practice from scratch!

If you are just starting out, you will most likely experience limited incoming cash flow for a few months. Between building up a patient ...

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With Umbie® closing its doors, many of you may be wondering, what happens next?

We think it’s important that people understand the process of switching dental software companies and what steps they can take.

Here is a guide to walk you through the steps of switching your practice management software.

First off, if you ...

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Director of DentiMax Practice Management Alicia Dieujuste writes about how you can make your practice more efficient by saving lots of time with the online kiosk feature.

Think about when you go to a dental practice for the first time. You must arrive from 15 to 20 minutes early to the appointment, walk in the ...

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Director of DentiMax Practice Management, Alicia Dieujuste shares with us the latest and greatest features of DentiMax 18.

Long awaited, highly anticipated, well thought out… Introducing DENTIMAX 18!

We are so very excited to announce that the New DentiMax has arrived, and I am thrilled to review some of our AMAZING new features with you ...

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Practice Management Software Director, Alicia, talks with us about Good Ol’ Financial Reporting - and no, you don’t have to print them on paper!

Have you ever wondered why dental offices have a closet somewhere in the back filled with old reports they’ve run in the last 10 years? What’s the point of ...

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As a dental practice leader who understands the importance of process automation and data security, you’ve taken the necessary steps to implement what you’re certain is a secure, electronic claims, and attachment process. But how can you be sure the claims documentation you’re submitting is making its way to the health plan ...

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Every day I take phone calls and most of them are folks asking how they can get more out of their software. I LOVE this question.

One of my favorite things to do is blow people out of the water with all the stuff they never knew DentiMax could do... If they would upgrade their ...

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Are you sick and tired of giving your patients a pen and paper so that they can return a near illegible medical history form that you get to decipher and then re-enter into your computer? This is extra work for both you and your patients. There has got to be a better way, and there ...

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Patients tend to forget their appointments from time to time. We know, a huge newsflash for most practices.

And what do we do to remind patients of their appointments? We (1) Email them postcards, (2) Make outbound phone calls, (3) Send them emails, (4) Hand them reminder cards when they come into the office, and ...

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Over the past five years a number of dental groups and practices have taken advantage of the federal EHR incentive program, which distributes subsidy money for acquiring certified software technology.

I know this program well as I was involved with this initial formation and have helped numerous organizations obtain their money. I have also done ...