Dental Sensor And Xray Imaging Accessories

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Dental Sensor Packaging Box


  • Free Access to the Loaner Sensor Program
  • Dial in Your Perfect Image
  • Unlimited Support
  • Initial and Annual Training
  • Discount on Extended Product Replacement Plan

  • Extended Product Replacement Plan - Pricing:


    Extended Product Replacement Plan - Size #2


    Extended Product Replacement Plan - Size #1

Dental Xray Sensor Positioners

Complete your sensor purchase with the full sensor kit and positioner tools so you can get your perfect xray image with the Dream Sensors. Below we will also show you tips on how to capture every angle of your patients’ mouths.

Training Topics

Digital Sensor Positioners - Pricing:


Size #1 Sensor Kit


Size #2 Sensor Kit

TWAIN Sensor Drivers

Dental Sensor TWAIN Driver image

The DentiMax TWAIN driver allows the DentiMax Dream Sensor to work with other company’s imaging software. For example, the DentiMax TWAIN driver allows DentiMax sensors to work with other imaging software applications.

Most of the applications work with TWAIN drivers better thanothers. Contact us at (884) 889-6569 to find out if your digital imaging system will work with the DentiMax Dream Sensor and the DentiMax TWAIN driver.

DentiMax Twain Sensor Drivers - Pricing:


TWAIN Driver for Base Computer


TWAIN Driver for Additional Computer

Dental Intra Oral Camera

Dental Intra Oral Camera

DentiMax xray imaging wants to help make it super easy for you to diagnose your patients. With our Intra Oral Camera, you can take dental images to a whole another level.

The Intra Oral Camera works very smoothly with other brands and will integrate with our open system perfectly.

Intra Oral Camera - Pricing:


Intra Oral Camera

Converting and Syncing Dental X Ray Images

Dental Sensor conversiong and syncing


Feeling trapped in your existing dental imaging software? Switch to DentiMax's open-platform imaging xray system. We will transfer your existing patient information and x rays into your new system!

Continue using your existing sensors into your new system: we will link with your current practice software.


Perhaps you need x-rays to move between two or more office locations, or perhaps you're going back and forth between devices - we can help you there too!

Say goodbye to having to copy and paste your x-ray image files onto a thumb drive and have them streamlined right into your dental software.

Conversions, Syncs, and Bridges - Pricing:


Imaging Software Conversion


Imaging Sync for Two Locations


Imaging Sync for Each Additional Location

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